Great Valley Academy


Board Retreat/Training

Nine3One- 931 10th Street Modesto CA

Monday, July 31 2023

8:00am - 11:00am PDT


  1. Call to Order
    8:00 am PDT
    1. Attendance
      Kelli Rupe profile image
  2. Welcome
    1. Introductions
    2. Board historical overview
      Mike Gianelli profile image
  3. Boardable Training
  4. GVA Overview
    1. EET Roles, Resposibilities & Introductions
  5. GVA 2023.2024
  6. Final Adjournment

Minutes Tab

Nine3One- 931 10th Street, Modesto CA 

Call to Order

8:17 a.m.




Present: Tom Anderson, Kelli Rupe, Marisa Meeks, Yolanda Meraz, Jeremy Coe, Julissa Villanueva, Mary Pedraza

Notes: Marisa Meeks Beginning at 10:00 am


Present: Leah Silvestre Franklin, Mike Gianelli

Beginning at 10:00 am, the following people were in attendance:

Blake Potter, Jennifer Farley, Lacey Woods, Brianna deVisser, Roop Pannu, Kashni Wahid, Kasie Jones, Joy Kerr-Owens, Megan Kubicek, Lindsey Duran, Pati Perales, Grace Gilham, Crytal Tanaka, Russell Howell, Breana Cotta, Naomi Stewart, Susan Busby



All in attendance introduced themselves and gave some background

Board historical overview

Mike Gianelli- Gave historical review regarding how GVA was formed and evolved over the years

Boardable Training

Training with Laura Boland of Boardable

GVA Overview

Tom Anderson gave a GVA Overview via a slide presentation

EET Roles, Resposibilities & Introductions

Introductions of all

GVA 2023.2024

Final Adjournment

10:59 a.m



Name Attendance

Tom Anderson

Jeremy Coe

Marisa Meeks

Yolanda Meraz

Mary Pedraza

Kelli Rupe

Julissa Villanueva

Guest Members

Name Attendance

Mike Gianelli

Leah Silvestre Franklin

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