GREEN Charter Schools


GREEN Charter Schools Board Meeting

Thursday, August 10 2023

6:00pm - 7:30pm EDT

If you wish to contribute a public comment email your names to before 3:00 PM ET Thursday


  1. Welcome/Opening Remarks
    6:00 pm EDT
  2. Public Comments (limited to three minutes per speaker, thirty minutes in total)
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Minutes from June 8, 2023
  5. Vote to appoint Judy Fairchild and Swear In When Appointed
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Governance Committee
    2. Financial Committee
    3. Infrastructure & Growth Committee
    4. Personnel Committee
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    1. Unsung Heroes
  9. School Opening Report (Bobby Rollins)
  10. Executive Director Update (Tom Cronin)
    1. Highly Effective Instructional Strategies
    2. Policy Manual Approval - Action Item
  11. Executive Session
    1. Legal Matter
  12. Adjournment

Minutes Tab

Welcome/Opening Remarks

Meeting Started at 6:04 Ms Townes welcomes everyone and thanks all stakeholders



Present: Haley Brunson, Mandy Townes, Trishka Hornbeck, Brittany Arsiniega

Remote: Imtiaz Haque, Tom Cronin

Absent: Laurel Wiles, Tracy Kramer


Remote: Bobby Rollins

Judy Fairchild is sworn in and contributes as a voting member of the board at 6:13pm

Public Comments (limited to three minutes per speaker, thirty minutes in total)

No Requests for Public Comment

Approval of Agenda

Ms Townes makes a motion to amend the agenda prior to approval. Item #5 states "Swearing in of Judy Fairchild" and the amendment will read "Vote to appoint Judy Fairchild and swear in when appointed"

Second: Ms Hornbeck

Approved 4:0

Motion to Approve: Dr Haque

Second: Ms Arsiniega

Approved 4:0

Approval of Minutes from June 8, 2023

Motion to Approve: Dr Haque

Second: Ms Arsiniega

Approved 4:0

Vote to appoint Judy Fairchild and Swear In When Appointed

Ms Townes states that at the June 2023 meeting, the Charleston campus representative turned in her resignation, Katherine Ponder. Under our by-laws, the Board has the ability to temporary appoint a member until the elections are held and the new representative is sworn in. This will be a 6-month term for Ms Fairchild and her Bio will be attached to this month's support documents on the public landing page.

Motion to Approve: Dr Haque
Second: Ms Arsiniega

Dr Haque comments that we are really lucky to have Judy to agree to be on the board. She brings a tremendous background to the Board and will be a terrific representative for the Charleston Campus.

Approved: 4:0
  • Ms Townes reads aloud the swearing in oath for Judy Fairchild to join the GREEN Board of Directors. Ms Fairchild agrees by saying "I do"

Committee Reports

This is a new item that will be discussed moving forward. 

Governance Committee

Ms Townes states that the most recent reporting from the Governance Committee was regarding the vacancy of Ms Ponder in Charleston & filling this role with Ms Fairchild.

Financial Committee

Ms Townes states that the last report from the Finance Committee was discussing the budgets and approving them at the May board meeting.

Infrastructure & Growth Committee

Ms Wiles is the Chair of this committee, but is not present. Mr Cronin states that the latest report involved reviewing the projects that were completed over the summer. Facilities and IT had completed over 319 projects over the summer. We have also entered into an agreement with a commercial real estate agent. We have a potential location for the Simpsonville new charter. We will reconvene when we have more parameters on the location.

Personnel Committee

Dr Haque states that one of the responsibilities of this committee is to review the performance of Mr Cronin. The committee met and generated a letter of appraisal and submitted that letter to Mandy as chair of the board. 

Old Business

No old business to discuss

New Business

Unsung Heroes

Ms Townes states that from the Board Retreat held in July, one topic that came up was celebrating staff in other areas aside from instructional staff. The Board is researching what ideas that it can do to offer support for staff.

Dr Haque mentions how important it is to recognize the good work people are doing because it takes more than one or two individuals to run this enterprise. He continues to state that this is an important step for The Board to take.

Ms Townes suggests using a nomination-based system and Dr Haque adds that utilizing a single day to celebrate. 

Ms Townes suggests to table this conversation until next meeting to give time to the Board to come up with suggestions for December.

School Opening Report (Bobby Rollins)

Mr Rollins shares that this year we had our second annual GREEN Light Conference. and we had two fantastic days of professional development and networking with our colleagues from across the state. 

Additionally, he shares that enrollment has grown nearly 15% from last year. Our three Greenville campuses and our Midlands campus opened on Tuesday. Our Lowcountry campus opens Thursday and our Spartanburg campus opens on August 14th.

Executive Director Update (Tom Cronin)

Highly Effective Instructional Strategies

Based on Robert Marzano and John Hattie's research, Jaime McNeil was able to develop 8 highly effective instructional strategies that all of GREEN's school leaders/staff will be trained on. 

Policy Manual Approval - Action Item

GREEN's policy manual has been updated for the 23-24 school year. We are requesting approval of the changes made.

Motion: Dr Haque
Second: Ms Arsiniega

Ms Fairchild states that she will abstain from voting as she is not familiar with the policy manual.

Approved 4:0

Executive Session

Motion to Move to Executive Session: Ms Hornbeck

Second: Ms Arsiniega

Approved 5:0

Moving into Executive Session at 6:20pm

Returned into Public Session at 7:19pm

Legal Matter

No matters to vote on


Motion to Adjourn: Ms Hornbeck

Meeting Adjourned at 7:20pm

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