Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service


Annual Board Meeting

Embassy Suites Conference Room, 200 Township Ave, Ridgeland, MS 39157

Wednesday, June 7 2023

10:00am - 1:00pm CDT

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  1. Call to Order
    10:00 am CDT
  2. Roll Call
  3. General Business
    1. Approval of the Agenda
    2. Approval of the Minutes: April 2023 and May 2023
  4. Commission Reports
    1. Officer Reports
      1. Co-Interim Executive Directors' Report
      2. Communication Report
      3. Mini Grants Report
    2. Committee Reports
      1. Nominating Committee
      2. Executive Director Search Committee
  5. New Business
    1. Finance Report
    2. LBR Submission
  6. Consideration of Executive Session
  7. Announcements
    1. Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) MUST be completed by all Commissioners on an annual basis.
    2. Next Board Meeting: 9 August 2023 – Canopy Children’s Solutions
  8. Adjournment

Minutes Tab

Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service Annual Board Meeting

Minutes of the June 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting

June 7, 2023

Embassy Suites

200 Township Place Ridgeland, MS



Present: Suzanne Rutherford, Meredith Aldridge, Owen Brown, II, Becky Cade, Merracle Jordan, Dr. Jo Shumake, Donna Stewart, Quint Withers, Adrian Austin, Kelly McBride, Jin Joo Crosby, Corie Jones, Michelle Robinson, Rochelle Hicks, Susan Garrard, Lisa Grantham, Jennifer Hopping, Meghan Hutchins, mrcolesmith@aol.com

Absent: Dr. Suzanne Bean, Aubrey Leigh Goodwin, Dr. Rolando Herts, Beth Fisher, Katherine Krehbiel, Ashley Cannady, Victoria Blakenship, Jimmie Smith, Cyrus Ben, Chip Morgan

Call to Order

The Board Vice Chair, Becky Cade called the June 7, 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting to order at 10:17am CST at the Embassy Suites Jackson/Ridgeland.  No virtual platform was offered for today's meeting.  Roll call was performed; quorum was satisfied.  

Roll Call

Owen Brown, II, Dr. Jo Shumake, Donna Stewart, Lisa Grantham, Becky Cade, Jennifer Hopping, Rochelle Hicks, Cole Smith, Merracle Jordan, Susan Gerrard, Quint Withers, and Meredith Aldridge.  

Special Guest: Leyser Hayes, Special Assistant Attorney General, Board Counsel 

General Business

Board Vice Chair Cade introduced Leyser Hayes, Special Assistant Attorney General.  Mr. Edward Wiggins, Board Counsel, could not attend; Ms. Hayes graciously sat proxy.

Approval of the Agenda

The meeting agenda was reviewed.  The Board Vice Chair asked for any additions or corrections to the agenda.  Commissioner Susan Garrard presented a motion to approve the agenda as circulated.  Commissioner Quint Withers seconded the motion.  No discussion was needed.  The measure carried by vote of acclamation.  

Approval of the Minutes: April 2023 and May 2023

Vice Chair Cade asked for any additions or corrections to the April 2023 Board Meeting Minutes.  Hearing none, Commissioner Donna Stewart presented a motion to accept the minutes as written.  Commissioner Jo Shumake seconded the motion.  The vote carried by acclamation with no opposition.  

Commissioner Merracle Jordan acknowledged the minutes from the second Executive Session dated May 22, 2023 were necessary with a vote being taken regarding the effective date of leave for the former Executive Director.  Vice Chair Cade confirmed the minutes from the May 22, 2023 Executive Session were not requested from Special Assistant Kiana Foster.  Leyser Hayes confirmed the needed minutes for May 22, 2023.

A motion was made to amend the May 19, 2023 Special Called Board Meeting with Executive Session.  Commissioner Merracle Jordan moved to amend the May 19th minutes to reflect the most current changes that will capture the number of votes to include the character and correct language per the statue of the state of Mississippi. Commissioner Donna Stewart seconded the motion.  The measure carried by vote of acclamation.  

Commission Reports

Officer Reports

Co Interim Executive Directors, Adrian Austin and Suzanne Rutherford shared updates of the Commission and thanked everyone for prioritizing the goals and mission of Volunteer Mississippi.

Communication Report

Corie Jones, Deputy Director, Director of Public Relations thanked all for their support of recent efforts and events hosted by the Commission.  She shared on the development of Volunteer Mississippi's communications and outreach strategies.  

Mini Grants Report

Director of AmeriCorps Programs, Kelly McBride, highlighted the efforts of the VM Mini Grant Initiative.  Five different volunteer projects have been funded:

Big House Books, who utilizes volunteers to pack and ship books to incarcerated citizens.  Funded $5,000 to help with two months' worth of shipment and technology updates.

One by One Ministries:  A nonprofit located in Northeast Mississippi that empowers unexpectant mothers by providing resources, support, etc.  Awarded $5,000 to include training for twelve members.

Refill Jackson:  A nonprofit in Jackson, MS for young adults to receive workforce preparedness.  Awarded $4,000k for a recreational space in memory of a late member (alum) of Refill Jackson.  

RISE Disaster Relief and Recovery: Awarded $5,000 through 2024.  They will be using a bulk of funds for diesel fuel used during disaster relief in Rolling Fork and Amory, MS.  

Rosie's Community Garden:  Utilizes volunteers to plant and harvest fresh produce to distribute to local food banks and communities.  Awarded $5,000 for projects including Earth Day as well as service projects with Hinds Community College students.

Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

Commissioners Meredith Aldridge, Merracle Jordan, and Quint Withers comprise the Ad Hoc Nominating Committee. They will work together to present a slate of officers at the August 2023 Board Meeting. 

Executive Director Search Committee

Commissioners Becky Cade, Quint Withers, and Jennifer Hopping to head the search for the new MCVS Executive Director.  A draft position description with performance standards was shared with all present, and feedback was encouraged. Commissioner Merracle Jordan volunteered to sit on the Search Committee, as well as Commissioners Josie Shumake, Donna Stewart, and Lisa Grantham.

New Business

Becky Cade motioned to break for lunch.  Commissioner Merracle Jordan moved to have short recess and working lunch with Quint Withers seconding; all approved.  

Merracle presented a motion to reopen the meeting with Quint Seconding.  The motion was approved, and the meeting resumed.  

Finance Report

Co-Interim Executive Director and Senior Finance Officer, Adrian Austin presented the monthly Budget and Finance Report on behalf of the Finance Committee. General expenditures and revenues were shared; transactions were standard at this juncture in the fiscal year. Investment accounts and community foundation funds were also highlighted. It was requested that the Commission review MOUs in place with the Community Foundation for Mississippi for situational awareness. The Vice Chair asked for a motion to approve the finance report, as presented. Commissioner Rochelle Hicks presented the motion as such; Commissioner Quint Withers seconded the motion. Hearing no further discussion, a vote by acclamation occurred and the motion carried (with no opposition.)  

The Vice Chair petitioned the Board to consider accommodating personnel needs of the Co Interim Executive Directors in both exemption classification and compensation. Commissioner Merracle Jordan presented a motion to classify the Co Interim Directors as Exempt employees for the during of their tenure in this role. Commissioner Lisa Grantham seconded the motion. Discussion was invited; it was shared that these two employees are currently classified as Non-Exempt and will need to have this changed in order to conduct business appropriately. With no further discussion needed, the Vice Chair called for a vote by acclamation. The motion carried without opposition.  

Commissioner Owen Brown presented a motion to extend the terms Adrian Austin and Suzanne Rutherford are serving as Co-Interim Executive Directors to August 31 or until a new Executive Director is hired, and that they should each be compensated at the hourly rate of $57.69 (as determined from the former Executive Director's annual salary of $120,000/2,080 hours per annum) for the duration of their tenure. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Merracle Jordan. No discussion was needed. A vote by acclamation occurred; the motion carried with no opposition.  

In order to maintain Human Resources/Personnel standards, Commissioner Merracle Jordan presented motion to classify the Interim Co Executive Directors under exempt status. Commissioner Lisa Grantham seconded the motion. A vote by acclamation occurred with no opposition – the motion carried.

Legislative Budget Request 

Adrian Austin shared with all present the Commission’s proposed Legislative Budget Request Submission. The Vice Chair asked for a motion to approve the proposed Legislative Budget Request. Commissioner Rochelle Hicks moved with Commissioner Owen Brown seconding the motion. Discussion commenced, noting that category amounts may change slightly based on previous utilization, but the bottom-line request amount will not. There being no further discussion, a vote by acclamation occurred. The motion carried unopposed.

Consideration of Executive Session

Vice Chair Becky Cade presented a motion to consider Executive Session.  Executive Session was found to be unnecessary at this time.  With a second motion not being required the Board voted to not go into Executive Session.  



Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) MUST be completed by all Commissioners on an annual basis.

Co-Interim Executive Director Suzanne Rutherford reminded Commissioners about completing the Statement of Economic Interest. 

Next Board Meeting: 9 August 2023 – Canopy Children’s Solutions

Co-Interim Executive Director Rutherford announced the next Board Meeting location and time to be at Canopy Children's Solutions.  


There being no further business to come before the Board, Vice Chair Becky Cade called for a motion to adjourn the June 7, 2023, Meeting of the MCVS Board of Commissioners at 1:41 pm, CST.  Commissioner Merracle Jordan moved to adjourn, and it was seconded by Commissioner Lisa Grantham.  There was a consensus, and the meeting was adjourned.  



Name Attendance


Meredith Aldridge

Adrian Austin

Dr. Suzanne Bean

Cyrus Ben

Victoria Blakenship

Owen Brown, II

Becky Cade

Ashley Cannady

Jin Joo Crosby

Beth Fisher

Susan Garrard

Aubrey Leigh Goodwin

Lisa Grantham

Dr. Rolando Herts

Rochelle Hicks

Jennifer Hopping

Meghan Hutchins

Corie Jones

Merracle Jordan

Katherine Krehbiel

Kelly McBride

Chip Morgan

Michelle Robinson

Suzanne Rutherford

Dr. Jo Shumake

Jimmie Smith

Donna Stewart

Quint Withers

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