Oakland Community Health Network


Board Study Session

5505 Corporate Dr. Troy Mi, 48098

Thursday, July 28 2022

6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

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Public Comment: Study Session

In order to maintain communication with individuals receiving public mental health services, their families/allies, and OCHN's service providers during the COVID-19 crisis, OCHN's Board is now hosting virtual meetings. All meeting participants are being provided two separate opportunities to give public comment. Please use this form to sign-up for one or both of the public comment sections. The meeting facilitator will alert you as to when it is your turn to speak. Click on the link above to submit your public comment.

Public Comment Link


  1. Order of Business
    10:00 pm
    1. Call the Meeting to Order - Jonathan Landsman
    2. Roll Call - Sheila Barrett
    3. Approval of Board Meeting Agenda - Jonathan Landsman
    4. Public Comment
  2. Board Policies - John Paul Torres (For Approval)
  3. Strategic Plan Presentation Draft (2023-2025)
  4. Other Business
  5. Public Comment #2
  6. Board Member Comments
  7. Adjournment

Minutes Tab

Order of Business

Call the Meeting to Order - Jonathan Landsman

Mr. Landsman brought the meeting to order at 6:08pm

Roll Call - Sheila Barrett

Roll call attendance as indicated in the attendance record

Approval of Board Meeting Agenda - Jonathan Landsman

Mr. Torres approved the agenda as presented, supported by Mrs. Newman, motion carried with all members present voting in favor. 

Public Comment

No public comment provided

Board Policies - John Paul Torres (For Approval)

Mr. Young made motion to approve the Board polices as presented, supported by Mrs. May. Motion carries by roll call vote with members members present voting in favor. 

Strategic Plan Presentation Draft (2023-2025)

  1. INTRODUCTION Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) leads a provider service network that assists approximately 23,000 Oakland County citizens at more than 300 service sites across the county. OCHN also manages a $300 million budget funded in part by the Michigan Department of Health Human Services, General Fund, grants, and Oakland County. People who receive public mental health services through OCHN's provider network include those who have an intellectual or developmental disability, mental health challenge, or substance use disorder. Most of these individuals have Medicaid insurance coverage. OCHN's goal is to ensure these individuals are aware of and have access to services and supports that will improve their health and quality of life, as well as ensure their engagement in full community participation.
  2. Need for a Strategic Plan Every three years, OCHN develops a Strategic Plan as part of the organization’s accountability to the public and to the people served through OCHN’s provider network. A Strategic Plan provides the opportunity for OCHN to develop and communicate the organization’s top priorities in the coming years. The planning process also allows the public and OCHN’s Board of Directors to provide feedback about these priorities and to hold OCHN accountable for achieving these goals. Internally, a Strategic Plan helps OCHN leadership plan the resources and timeline that will be needed to achieve these priorities. Finally, a Strategic Plan acts as a framework for OCHN’s Annual Plan and Budget, which is developed for each year of the three- year plan. Annual goals, based on strategic priorities, are accomplished through the implementation of specific objectives and timeframes. Throughout the year, Plan progress is reported to the Board, people served, providers, community partners, and the public.
  3. How the Plan was Developed Development of the Strategic Plan began with a comprehensive Needs Assessment. The assessment captured feedback from individuals served, their family and friends, OCHN’s network providers, the Board of Directors, OCHN staff, legislators, and other community stakeholders. The final Needs Assessment Report, which was presented during a public Board meeting, summarized the findings, and provided the basis for development of the Strategic Plan. OCHN leadership and Department Directors developed the strategic goals by drawing on their clinical and professional expertise and using the Needs Assessment results and other environmental data about behavioral healthcare trends. The draft outline was presented to the Board of Directors during a public monthly meeting for additional feedback and provided the structure for the final Strategic Plan. OCHN shared the draft with the public for comment before the Board and leadership approved the final version.
  4. Scope of Plan By addressing current and emerging challenges, OCHN strategically plans for and adopts policies and practices that both advance its mission and respond to an evolving service delivery system. The FY23-FY25 Strategic Plan is intended to guide OCHN as it:
  • Sets policy and budget priorities
  • Manages funding sources, grants, staff resources, and contracts
  • Engages public and private partners
  • Provides data and information about its progress

Other Business

Public Comment #2

No public comment provided

Board Member Comments

Mr. Cowan, Mrs. Newman and Mr. Landsman shared the legislation lunch today was a success and thought the event went very well. 

Members shared appreciation of Frances presentation of the FY 2023-2025 Strategic Plan


Meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm



Name Attendance

Sheila Barrett

Justin Burchett

Christine Burk

Frances Carley

Dennis Cowan

Anya Eliassen

Kimberly Flowers

Adam Fuhrman

Bijaya Hans

Bernard Hooper

Frances Kolody

Jonathan Landsman

Dana Lasenby

Victoria Marble

Sarah May

Vasiliki Michalakis

Peter Mouhot

Reena Naami-Dier

Malkia Newman

Callana Ollie

Kathy Porter

Vasilis Pozios

Christina Root

Steffan Taub

John Paul Torres

Suzanne Weinert

Yvette Woodruff

John Young

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