GREEN Charter Schools


GREEN Charter Schools Board Meeting

Thursday, January 11 2024

6:00pm - 7:30pm EST

If you wish to contribute a public comment email your names to before 3:00 PM ET Thursday


  1. Welcome/Opening Remarks
    6:00 pm EST
  2. Public Comments (limited to three minutes per speaker, thirty minutes in total)
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Minutes from Nov 9, and Dec 14, 2023
  5. Swear In Newly Elected Board Members Gary Evans and Michael Brown
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Governance Committee
    2. Finance Committee
    3. Infrastructure & Growth Committee
    4. Personnel Committee
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    1. Possible Amendment to By-Laws
  9. Student Successes (Bobby Rollins)
  10. Executive Director Update (Tom Cronin)
    1. Compliance (Catherine Watt)
    2. Enrollment Update
    3. Simpsonville Update / Lease Approval (Action Requested)
  11. Adjournment

Minutes Tab

Welcome/Opening Remarks

Meeting started at 6:01 pm.  Ms. Townes welcomed everyone to this virtual meeting, and welcomes the new Board Members who will be sworn in.



Remote: Laura Van Sant, Mandy Townes, Laurel Wiles, Trishka Hornbeck, Tracy Kramer, Brittany Arsiniega, Tom Cronin

Absent: Imtiaz Haque, Judy Fairchild


Remote: Bobby Rollins, Catherine Watt

Newly Elected Board Members Present (remote): Michael Brown, Gary Evans

Public Comments (limited to three minutes per speaker, thirty minutes in total)

Ms. Townes states that there are no public comments.

Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve - Ms. Wiles

Second - Ms. Hornbeck

Approved 6:0

Approval of Minutes from Nov 9, and Dec 14, 2023

Motion to Approve Minutes from November 9, 2023

Motion to Approve - Ms. Hornbeck
Second - Ms. Kramer

Approved 6:0

       Motion to Approve Minutes from December 14, 2023

       Motion to Approve - Ms. Kramer

       Second - Ms. Hornbeck

Approved 5:0

Swear In Newly Elected Board Members Gary Evans and Michael Brown

Ms. Townes recognized outgoing Board member Ms. Fairchild and thanked her for her service to the Board.  Ms. Fairchild thanked the Board.

Ms. Townes reads the Oath and Mr. Evans and Mr. Brown answer "I do" and are sworn in and welcomed as newly elected Board Members.

Committee Reports


Governance Committee

Ms. Townes indicates there is nothing new to report.

Finance Committee

Ms. Townes indicates there is nothing new to report.

Infrastructure & Growth Committee

Ms. Wiles turns the report over to Mr. Cronin.  The committee met to discuss that facilities have been updated, and the Greenville Middle School campus facilities were updated over winter break to remove trees and shrubs that were creating problems with the plumbing lines and this also created greater visibility and supervision.  Simpsonville campus will be addressed later in the Executive Director Update.

Personnel Committee

Dr. Haque is the chair of this committee and is not present; Ms. Wiles indicates there is nothing to report.

Old Business


New Business

Possible Amendment to By-Laws

A possible amendment to by-laws regarding appointed Board Member terms and the limits on terms was discussed.  The discussion focused on whether or not the Board should amend the amount of time that a person can serve as an appointed Board Member.  This will be reviewed by the Governance Committee and will be added to Old Business for the February 8 Board Meeting.

Student Successes (Bobby Rollins)

Mr. Rollins announced that the GREEN Middle School Mock Trial team competed in the South Carolina Bar Association's statewide competition and the team overall ranked 15th of 32 teams that completed, and won 3rd Runner Up.  Mr. Rollins introduced Ms. Harvell who recognized several student participants, and thanked the team coach, Anne Marie Sibal, Esq. for her time and dedication to the team.  

Mr. Rollins expressed gratitude for the continued support for programs like these that provide wonderful opportunities for our students.

Executive Director Update (Tom Cronin)

Compliance (Catherine Watt)

Ms. Watt provided information regarding adhering to all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to charter schools in South Carolina.  Charter schools must also adhere to the State Board of Education Regulations, numerous federal laws, and internal policies and procedures.  The Executive Director, Executive Leadership Team, and school principals must also ensure that each of our schools is following State and District requirements and meeting all mandatory deadlines which are sent via a platform known as Epicenter.  

Mandatory submissions and compliance are big jobs and appreciation was expressed for everyone who assists with this and our current submission rate is 99%!  
Ms. Townes thanked Ms. Watt for her efforts.

Enrollment Update

Mr. Cronin reported that we are in the middle of our open enrollment period which ends January 31.  Following open enrollment, the blind lottery will take place.  Current application and intent to return data is strong.  

Leadership teams meet weekly to discuss and review recruitment strategies.  
A multi-faceted effort that includes emails, texts, social media, community events, and a billboard, is underway to remind community members of the free public charter option of GREEN Charter Schools.

Simpsonville Update / Lease Approval (Action Requested)

Mr. Cronin reported that the Infrastructure and Growth Committee met on Wednesday, January 11 and thanked the committee, and Mr. Cronin is asking for an action item.  On Monday, January 8, 2024 the Mauldin Zoning Board unanimously approved our Special Exception for our GREEN Simpsonville campus to be located at 1100 Brookfield Blvd in Mauldin, SC.  Mr. Cronin thanked all who contributed in the preparing and presenting of the application, and thanked the Zoning Board for their thoughtful consideration and approval.  

Mr. Cronin provided details about the property and plans to open the school this fall.  The lease for the property is favorable and almost finalized and Mr. Cronin asks the Board for an action item to allow him to sign the lease when finalized.

Motion to authorize Mr. Cronin to sign the lease for 1100 Brookfield Boulevard, Mauldin on the Board's behalf - Ms. Townes

Second - Ms. Hornbeck

Approved 8:0


Motion to Adjourn - Ms. Wiles

Adjourned 7:16 pm



Name Attendance

Brittany Arsiniega

Michael Brown

Tom Cronin

Gary Evans

Imtiaz Haque

Trishka Hornbeck

Tracy Kramer

Mandy Townes

Laura Van Sant

Laurel Wiles

Guest Members

Name Attendance

Bobby Rollins

Catherine Watt

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