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December Board Meeting

3919 Madison Ave Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46237

Thursday, December 14 2023

7:30am - 9:00am EST

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  1. Open Items
    7:30 am EST
    1. Call the meeting to order
    2. Record Attendance and Guests
  2. Public Comment
    1. Open Comment Period
  3. Finance
    10 mins
    7:50 am
    1. Finance Committee Report
      7:50 am
      1. By June 30, 2024 the board will approve a balanced and fiscally sound budget that aligns with the school program needs for SY 24-25. "
      2. Audit Update
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    2. Collaborations/Concerns
  4. 2023-2024 Goal Tracker Updates
    5 mins
    Janine Shopp profile image
    8:00 am
  5. Academic and Recovery Excellence
    Deborah Leser profile image
    8:05 am
    1. Academic and Recovery Committee Goal: Achieve at least 70% retention rate of eligible students by June 2024. "
    2. School Report
      5 mins
      8:05 am
      1. Enrollment/Enroll Indy Update
      2. Professional Development
      3. Formative Assessments
    3. Data/Goals Update
      5 mins
      8:10 am
      1. Academic Dashboard
      2. School Data Dashboard
    4. Collaboration/Concern
  6. Development Committee
    10 mins
    Colleen Kenney profile image
    8:15 am
    1. Development Committee Goal: Hope Academy will raise $710,000 in FY '23-'24.
    2. Development Committee Update
      1. Direct Mail Update
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    3. Collaborations/Concerns
  7. Marketing Committee
    15 mins
    Angie Tomlin profile image
    8:25 am
    1. Marketing Committee Goal: To achieve enrollment targets of 38 students in October of 2023 and 41 students in February of 2024.
    2. Marketing Committee Report
      1. Marketing/PR Update
      2. Special Projects
        Linda Gagyi profile image
    3. Collaborations/Concerns
  8. Governance Committee
    5 mins
    Amy Levander profile image
    8:40 am
    1. Governance Committee Goal: Provide oversight, input, support, and direction to the strategic plan for sustainabilty for the next phase of Hope Academy's growth.
    2. Legislative Update
    3. Collaboration/Concern
  9. Executive Director Report
    15 mins
    8:45 am
    1. Strategic Plan Update
    2. Staffing Update
    3. Facilities Update
    4. Partnership Updates

Minutes Tab

Hope Academy
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December Board Meeting

Thu Dec 14, 2023 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM UTC

Open Items

Call the meeting to order

Janine Shopp called the meeting to order at 7:31am.

Record Attendance and Guests

Present: Amy Levander, Leah Mannweiler, Marissa Manlove, Colleen Kenney, Janine Shopp, Angie Tomlin, Jennifer McVey, Darren Craig
Remote: Eric Afuseh
Absent:  Phyllis Land Usher, Victoria Wilburn, Janice Gabe, Marlon Llewellyn

Staff:  Rachelle Gardner, Jane Panyard, Deb Leser, Jon Shapiro, Linda Gagyi, Erin Mooney, Kristen Bolden
Guests: Carlotta Cooprider, Brian Anderson, Emma Kersey

Approve the Minutes

The October 26, 2023 Hope Academy High School Board Meeting minutes are approved with the following corrections: Marlon Llewellyn is not listed in attendance. He should be listed and marked as Not Present. Leah Mannweiler should be shown as being in attendance virtually.  

Marissa Manlove moved to approve the minutes with the above corrections, Darren Craig seconded the motion.


Member Votes Yes (8)

Amy Levander, Leah Mannweiler, Marissa Manlove, Colleen Kenney, Janine Shopp, Eric Afuseh, Angie Tomlin, Darren Craig

Public Comment

Open Comment Period

No Comment.

OEI 4th Year Report Final Presentation

Rachelle Gardner introduced Dr. Carlotta Cooprider. Carlotta thanked the board for their service to the school. Carlotta has performed 5 evaluations for the mayor's office this year, starting with Hope. She went over key points in the power point presentation of the OEI 4th Year Report Final Presentation. She made special note that there are some variables in the report: each year there are different teams that evaluate the schools. Carlotta's team went very deep vs the 2021 team. Every school evaluated by her team will have a "next steps/improvement" because she believes the point in these evaluations is to improve the school, not to be perfect. Her team also takes the rubric very seriously and follows it to the exact wording. 

Carlotta  congratulated the team of staff at Hope with the community problem solving. Hope Academy is about processes, people and patterns. According to the rubric, Hope Academy is on a solid track to sustainability. Hope has a solid commitment on 4.1 and 4.3 Graduation Pathways. 

Carlotta explained the rubric for Question 4.1: the rubric on this part is based on the research-based curriculum. With Hope we are implementing a strong recovery base curriculum, as well as creating curriculum for students coming from 21 different schools. 

Hope immediately implemented changes after receiving the report, which include teachers watching teachers teach. Deb attended the Simon Youth Foundation Conference and is now in contact with other charter schools to create a system that will allow teachers to learn from each other.  

When asked how the report will be viewed by the mayor's office Carlotta answered that the mayor's office is viewing this review in a very positive light and understand that this was a much more rigorous evaluation. They are also aware of the faults in the rubric in the past and are much more involved in the process. 

Carlotta's final comment was "there is an amazing community happening at this school. The sense of community happening at Hope is unheard of."


Finance Committee Report

By June 30, 2024 the board will approve a balanced and fiscally sound budget that aligns with the school program needs for SY 24-25. "

Jennifer McVey stated that we have received a portion of the Alt Ed money, which was helpful and much needed. We are still waiting for the rest of the funds.

October Financials

Brian Anderson went over the Budget vs Actual Summary. As of the end of October we are ahead of revenue target, mostly due to Development. CSP funds are also all in. Overall, we are in a good position with October and November. The Expense side is the same - we are in a good position for October and November as the expenses are managed very well. We are at 64.68 percent remaining, which is close to anticipated.

We are sitting at close to $400,000 cash on hand. We were healthier cash wise at the end of November than October due to receiving a portion of the Alt Ed money. 

Amy Levander gave an update on Alt Ed money: In the last six week the Chief of Staff and General Council have left the DOE. According to Amy's contacts we are currently in review, and they are looking at a historical review of how the funds were allocated in previous years. Amy suggested an attorney put together a memo explaining how we reported the ADM on the FTE report. 

Rachelle stated that we will be creating a process where the finance committee reviews the report before prior to submitting it to the DOE in the future. 

Audit Update

Jane Panyard reported that we are in the process of the audit, and she hopes to have her part wrapped up by January 5th. They have offered to come in and assist but we don't know if it will be helpful at this point. Janine Shopp questioned when we expect the final audit report; Jane is hoping for January. 

2023-2024 Goal Tracker Updates

Rachelle provided copies of each committee's goal tracker, which will be gone over during their time presenting at future board meetings.  

Academic and Recovery Excellence

Academic and Recovery Committee Goal: Achieve at least 70% retention rate of eligible students by June 2024. "

School Report

Enrollment/Enroll Indy Update

Deb Leser reported that we are on track with 84 percent retention as we go into the second semester, with one new student interview today and two on the schedule.  As of today we will have 42 students starting in January.

We still have not received any students from Enroll Indy. 

Professional Development

We continue having PLC every Friday afternoon. We have been focused on TESA (Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement). We have a more specific target of teachers looking at data, and a focus on technology. We are planning a multicultural training for January 8th when the teachers return from winter break. 

Formative Assessments

There is nothing new to report. The PSAT's are done, and we are encouraging seniors to take the SATs. NWEA testing will be in the spring. 

Data/Goals Update

Academic Dashboard

Deb went over the Academic data provided in the board packet. She made note that student attendance was 90 percent in October, which isn't reflected on the data sheet provided. We had 94 percent attendance at Student Led Conferences. 

School Data Dashboard

Males continue to the be the higher gender. Race and Ethnicity continues to diversify. Special Ed percentages are lower than we're used to with so many graduating last year. Students qualifying for Free and Reduced lunch continues to grow. 


Rachelle stated that we are considering bringing in someone from Aspire to do a training with the staff due to increasing our diversity.  We have also started a multi-cultural club and currently have a more diverse staff than in previous years. 

Development Committee

Development Committee Goal: Hope Academy will raise $710,000 in FY '23-'24.

Development Committee Update

Rise and Shine

Jon Shapiro told the board that Rise and Shine was a great event that everyone enjoyed. We had a net revenue increase of $27,000 from 2022 to 2023. Rise and Shine next year will be on November 14th. 

Grants and Giving Update

Jon didn't have a lot of new updates to report. We currently have two grants that are reimbursement grants. We have received a verbal approval on a grant from the Indiana Department of Health that will offset staff expenses. We should have the contract before the end of the calendar year. We have had a lot of success with getting legislators into the building to tour, and currently have a donor retention rate at 36 percent. 

Jon suggested everyone check out the IBJ to see a two-page spread about Hope, which Wilhelm is owed the thanks for.

Direct Mail Update

The end of the year mailing went out last week and should be in mailboxes today. 

Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee Goal: To achieve enrollment targets of 38 students in October of 2023 and 41 students in February of 2024.

Marketing Committee Report

Marketing/PR Update

Erin Mooney has had a lot of success so far. She has been introducing herself to the local schools and has had 12 tours in the building so far, including a person working with disciplinary action at IPS.

Community Outreach Update

Erin attended Hancock County Rise Above last month and the Indiana Mental Health and Addiction Conference earlier this month. She participates in a monthly Indy Networking Lunch and attends monthly Systems of Care Meetings. She will be at Valle Vista in January for a Lunch and Learn. 

Special Projects

Linda Gagyi has been researching Hope successes since the opening of the school so that the data could be used for development, marketing, etc. She has also been focused on the middle school program, which we received funds for via the MHA Vitality Grant. Our original goal is to start this program in the Fall. We have had some good traction and are now looking to start a spring cohort. 


Eric Afush asked what our max capacity is if we have success with the 8th grade program. Rachelle answered that we have the staffing capacity for 75 students but would feel more comfortable with 60-62.

Executive Director Report

Strategic Plan Update

Erin Flick has begun seeing students and is currently meeting with 10 of them. She will also be doing a group focused on trauma and will provide trauma informed strategies to staff during an upcoming professional development. 

Rachelle and Jon met with Dr. Hammock of Beech Grove recently to discuss an MOU. Rachelle, Jon and Erin Mooney will be attending the February meeting of the Marion County Superintendents to talk about Hope. They also have a meeting planned with Rep. Michelle Davis of Johnson County to talk about Hope. 

Staffing Update

We hired a new Science Teacher, Sarah Rattner. Sarah is from New York and graduated from Purdue University. We also hired a new Recovery Coach who is set to start January 2nd, as Joseph Minnis resigned. We have an interview today with another recovery candidate. 

Facilities Update

The Becker Group recently showed the building to possible tenants, but we have not been notified of any movement yet.

Meeting adjourned at 9:11am. 

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