Housing Catalyst


Housing Catalyst Development Committee

Thursday, January 11 2024

1:00pm - 2:30pm MST

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  1. Approval of Minutes from December 4, 2023 Meeting
    5 mins
    1:00 pm MST
  2. Construction and Project Updates
    1:05 pm
    1. Impala Redevelopment
      10 mins
      Nichole Rex profile image
      1:05 pm
    2. Plum Place
      10 mins
      Carly Johansson profile image
      1:15 pm
  3. Funding Requests
    15 mins
    Kristin Fritz profile image
    1:25 pm
    1. City of Fort Collins
  4. Partnership and Pipeline Updates
    45 mins
    Kristin Fritz profile image
    1:40 pm
    1. Due Diligence Review - Village on Eastbrook and Remington Parking Lot
  5. Adjourn



Name Attendance

Jake Arnold

Julie Brewen

Michele Christensen

Justin Corey

Tonya Frammolino

Julie Francis

Kristin Fritz

Tara Gaffney

Rachel Gaisford

Carly Johansson

Cathy Mathis

Preston Nakayama

Anne Nelsen

Jeanna Nixon

Joseph Penta

Nichole Rex

Samuel Seitz

Jennifer Wagner

Guest Members

Name Attendance

Nick Benson

Meaghan Overton

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