Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service


August Board Meeting

Canopy Children's Solutions, 1465 Lakeland Drive, Jackson, MS 39216

Wednesday, August 9 2023

10:00am - 1:00pm CDT

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  1. Call to Order
    10:00 am CDT
  2. Roll Call
  3. Special Introductions
  4. General Business
    1. Approval of the Agenda
    2. Approval of the Minutes
      1. 19 May 2023 Meeting Minutes
      2. 22 May 2023 Meeting Minutes
      3. 07 June 2023 Meeting Minutes
  5. Commission Reports
    1. Officer Reports
      1. Communications Report
      2. Executive Session, Consideration for the Need of
      3. Interim Co Executive Directors' Report
    2. Committee Reports
      1. Nominating Committee
      2. Executive Director Search Committee
  6. New Business
    1. Finance Report
  7. Announcements
  8. Adjournment

Minutes Tab

Call to Order

The Board Chair, Dr. Suzanne Bean called the August 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting to order at 10:02am CST, 9 August 2023 at Canopy Children’s Solutions in Jackson, MS. Roll call was performed; quorum satisfied with Donna Stewart attending via Zoom.

Roll Call

Members Present:  Meredith Aldridge, Suzanne Bean, Becky Cade, Lisa Grantham, Beth Fisher, Aubrey Leigh Goodwin, Rochelle Hicks, Jennifer Hopping, Merracle Jordan, Katherine Krehbiel, Dr. Josie Shumake, Cole Smith, Donna Stewart (Virtual Attendee) Quint Withers, Quorum Satisfied.  Members Absent:  Chief Cyrus Ben, Victoria Blankenship, Ashley Cannady, Dr. Rolando Herts, Chip Morgan, Mayor Jimmie Smith, Susan Garrard, and Owen Brown, II, and Dr. Lemia Jenkins-Thompson; Staff Present:  Adrian Austin, Jin Joo Crosby, Michelle Gordon, Meghan Hutchins, Corie Jones, Zoie Henson, Ann Bradley Maloney, and Suzanne Rutherford.  Guest Present:  Edward Wiggins, Special Assistant Attorney General.

Special Introductions

Board Chair, Dr. Bean introduced Edward Wiggins, Assistant Attorney General as Mississippi Commission of Volunteer Service’s Board Counsel. New Commission employees Zoie Henson, Public Relations Officer and Ann Bradley Maloney, AmeriCorps Systems Officer were also introduced to the Board.

General Business

Approval of the Agenda

The meeting agenda was reviewed. Commissioner Merracle Jordan noted that consideration of Executive Session was not listed on the agenda after General Business. Quint Withers proposed to adjust the agenda to reflect Executive Session consideration to section IV a.2 before Commission Reports. Vice Chair, Becky Cade made a motion for said changes. Quint Withers seconded the motion. The measure was carried by vote of acclamation with no opposition.

Approval of the Minutes

19 May 2023 Meeting Minutes

The Chair asked for any additions or corrections to the May 19, 2023, Specially Called Board Meeting Minutes. Lisa Grantham noted that her last name was misspelled on page two and needed to be corrected. Meredith Aldridge requested her absence during the voting stages of the Executive Session be documented as she was listed present for the meeting. Merracle Jordan presented a motion to approve the minutes with these changes. Lisa Grantham seconded the motion. The motion carried with all in favor, and none opposed.

22 May 2023 Meeting Minutes

The Chair asked for consideration of the May 22, 2023, Specially Called Board Meeting Minutes. Rochelle Hicks noted that her name was misspelled. Quint Withers noted his first name, William, may be omitted and listed as Quint for uniformity. Merracle Jordan made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections and modifiers in this meeting. Vice Chair Becky Cade seconded the motion. The motion carried with all in favor, and none opposed.

07 June 2023 Meeting Minutes

The Chair asked for consideration of the June 7, 2023, Board Meeting minutes. Suzanne Bean’s last name was affixed to Becky Cades under the Call to Order and requested its removal. Lisa Grantham moved to accept June’s Board minutes with corrections. Merracle Jordan seconded the motion and the motion carried with no objections.

Commission Reports

Officer Reports

Communications Report

Corie Jones, Deputy Director, and Director of Public Relations began by thanking the Board for their continued support of the Commission’s Mission. She shared the development of several new partnerships with Volunteer Mississippi as well as continued relief efforts being met for the Mississippi tornado survivors.

Executive Session, Consideration for the Need of

Upon motion made by Board Chair, Suzanne Bean, and seconded by Quint Withers the Board voted to close the meeting at 11:05 am, CST and go into Executive Session. Second Vice Chair, Aubrey Leigh Goodwin presented a motion to end Executive Session with Lisa Grantham seconding. The motion was approved by unanimous acclamation, and the Board Meeting resumed at 1:45 pm, CST. Board Chair Bean stated the action taken during Executive Session was the Board empowered the Chair to take steps to extend the offer to the top candidate and to take necessary steps to notify all the other candidates of Volunteer Mississippi’s actions. The vote was unanimous.

Interim Co Executive Directors' Report

Adrian Austin, Co-Interim Executive Director, began with the 11 Minigrants awarded thus far. Each aligning with MCVS Mission Statement as they are represented throughout the state.  Mr. Mr. Austin then introduced Katherine Krehbiel, AmeriCorps Representative, to give her update from the Regional Office. Business discussed included budgets and funding as well as Vista awards and expansions of programs in Mississippi.  Suzanne Rutherford, Co-Interim Executive Director, updated the Board on items regarding both the Commission and AmeriCorps Mississippi. Mrs. Rutherford spoke on the recent Program Director Re-Boot Camp to begin the program year as well as grant closeout. Commissioners were invited to AmeriCorps MS Member Orientation and encouraged Commissioners to join in Recruitment events where they could.  Ms. Rutherford’s final update included Commissioner, Chip Morgan’s withdrawal of his position as IHL Representative. IHL is currently looking for his replacement. drian

Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

Commissioner Meredith Aldridge reported that Merracle Jordan withdrew from the Nominating Committee as she expressed interest in running for office. Her seat was filled by Dr. Josie Shumake. The proposed 2023-2024 slate of officers are: Becky Cade as Board Chair, Jennifer Hopping as 1st Vice Chair, Merracle Jordan as 2nd Vice Chair, and Aubrey Leigh Goodwin as At-Large Representative. A motion was made by Rochelle Hicks to approve the proposal. No second was needed as this was the committee recommendation. The motion was approved by unanimous acclamation.

Executive Director Search Committee

New Business

Finance Report

Adrian Austin presented the monthly Budget and Finance Report on behalf of the Finance Committee. General expenditures were discussed while addressing the more noteworthy changes this term: salaries and other contractual services. Austin noted the two Co-Interim Executive Directors’ salary increase as approved by the Board in June as well as two new employees to the Commission: Henson and Maloney. He then addressed contractual services such as Tobi Johnson who wrote and facilitated a Volunteer Curriculum for Volunteer Mississippi to use for trainings, and the Mini grants awarded thus far. Telesouth Communications, another contractual service provider, was utilized to promote the MCVS Roadshows and Volunteer Management Training. The Chair asked for a motion to approve the finance report, as presented. Quint Withers presented a motion to approve; Merracle Jordan seconded the motion. Hearing no further discussion, a vote of acclamation occurred, and the motion was carried.


*** Please complete your annual Statement of Economic Interest filings with the MS Ethics Commission as soon as possible.                                                                                                   *** The next Board Meeting will be October 11, 2023, and tentatively held at the Jackson Convention Complex as part of the Alliance for Nonprofits                                           


There being no further business to come before the Board, Commission Chair Suzanne Bean called for a motion to adjourn the August 2023 Meeting of the MCVS Board of Commissioners at 2:34pm, CST. Commissioner Quint Withers presented a motion as such, and it was seconded by Rochelle Hicks. There was a consensus, and the meeting was adjourned.



Name Attendance


Meredith Aldridge

Adrian Austin

Dr. Suzanne Bean

Cyrus Ben

Victoria Blakenship

Owen Brown, II

Becky Cade

Ashley Cannady

Jin Joo Crosby

Beth Fisher

Susan Garrard

Aubrey Leigh Goodwin

Lisa Grantham

Zoie Henson

Dr. Rolando Herts

Rochelle Hicks

Jennifer Hopping

Meghan Hutchins

Corie Jones

Merracle Jordan

Katherine Krehbiel

Ann Bradley Maloney

Chip Morgan

Michelle Robinson

Suzanne Rutherford

Dr. Jo Shumake

Jimmie Smith

Donna Stewart

Quint Withers

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