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March 2024 Board of Directors Meeting

1000 Business Blvd. Evans GA 30809

Wednesday, March 27 2024

4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

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  1. Call to Order
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    4:00 pm EDT
  2. Consent Agenda
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    1. January Meeting Minutes
      1. January BOD Meeting
    2. Financial Reports
      1. SME Report Jan/Feb
      2. Lodging Tax Report through Jan
  3. Reports
    1. Associate Director
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    2. Executive Director
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    3. Ex-Officios
  4. Old Business
    1. Bylaws Committee
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  5. New Business
    1. FY 2024/2025 Budget
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  6. Adjournment
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    1. Next meeting: May 29

Minutes Tab

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March 2024 Board of Directors Meeting

Wed Mar 27, 2024 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM UTC

BOD Present: Phyllis Salazar, Ben Dukes, Angie Byrd, Kellie Johnson, Paul Farrow, Gina Thurman, Jeanette Smith

Staff Present: Ashley Swain and Shelly Blackburn

Guest and Ex-Officios Present: Brian Marshall

Call to Order

Phyllis Salazar called the meeting to order at 4 PM.

Consent Agenda

Gina Thurman made a motion to approve the consent agenda. Paul Farrow seconded the motion, and it carried 7-0

January Meeting Minutes

January BOD Meeting

Financial Reports

SME Report 

Lodging Tax Report 


Associate Director

Written Report Provided

Executive Director

Written Report Provided


Brian Marshall, CLS- Easter Egg Scramble this weekend, Market Ribbon Cut is April 2nd, Rock Fore! Dough April 9th, Market returns in new location April 21, To Kill a Mockingbird April 30 & May 1. 

Old Business

Bylaws Committee

Marketing Committee

Gina Thurman reported that the marketing committee approved a $2,000 sponsorship for the Clarks Hill Classic Fishing Tournament. The committee is still looking for a new member to fill a vacant position. The committee will meet again on April 16th.

New Business

FY 2024/2025 Budget

The first draft of the proposed 2024/2025 budget was presented.

Angie Byrd moved to approve the proposed 24/25 budget. Kellie Johnson seconded the motion, which carried 7-0.


The meeting adjourned at 4:48 pm.

Next meeting: May 22



Name Attendance

Shelly Blackburn

Angie Byrd

Ben Dukes

Paul Farrow

Kellie Johnson

Phyllis Salazar

Jeanette Smith

Ashley Swain

Gina Thurman

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